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One of the highest increases in demand in the future.

Terbium oxide belongs to the rare earths. It is therefore rare and limited to a few occurrence areas worldwide. It is also extremely valuable and has one of the highest future increases in demand in the implementation of foreseeable future technologies. This has already resulted in a significant price increase over the past five years. The high level of economic criticality coupled with the fundamental fragility of the supply chains due to the restriction to a small number of occurrence areas mean that rapid jumps in the market price for terbium can be expected in the future.

  • Special properties:Fluorescence, Magneto-Optic, Ferroelectric, High Melting Point, Optical Coatings

  • Application areas:Automotive catalysts, petroleum refinery catalysts, metallurgical additives and alloys, glass polishing and ceramics, phosphors, permanent magnets, lasers and medical applications, others

  • Future Technologies:Solid state lighting, data storage, sensors, biomedical imaging, energy storage

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