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The "little brother" of gold.

Silver was already used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Germans. Because it is the metal with the best electrical conductivity as well as the highest light reflection, silver has gained new importance in the manufacture of a range of high-tech applications. Thanks to these properties, silver is particularly widely used in semiconductors and electrical contact points (e.g. batteries). According to 'The Silver Institute', the demand for silver for printed and flexible electronics is expected to increase from 1,500 tons (2021) to around 2,300 tons in 2030.

  • Special features: Highest electrical conductivity

  • application areas:Jewelry & Silverware, Photography, Electronics, Hard Alloys, Catalytic Converters, Mirrors, Solar Panels, Batteries, Plasma Displays, Water Treatment, ETF, Coins

  • Future Technologies:Conductive pastes, nano-silver, silver-zinc batteries, silver catalysts

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