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Valuable material for the production of permanent magnets.

Scandium oxide belongs to the group of rare earths. Compared to other metal markets, the scandium market is relatively small with an estimated annual demand of 10 to 15 tpa. Due to the massive expansion of renewable energies, however, a supply gap of around 740% of annual production in 2018 is assumed for 2040.

Scandium oxide was from Lars Fredrik Nilson discovered.

  • Special properties:High melting point, high refractive index, high dielectric constant and low leakage current

  • Application areas:Automotive catalytic converters, petroleum refinery catalytic converters, metallurgical additives and alloys, glass polishing and ceramics, phosphors, permanent magnets, lasers and medical applications, others

  • Future Technologies:Aerospace, solid oxide fuel cells, energy storage, next generation electronics

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