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One of the rarest elements in the continental crust.

Rhenium was predicted in 1871 but not isolated until 1925, making it the last natural element to be discovered. It has the highest boiling point (5,596 °C) and the second highest melting point of all metals. Rhenium is one of the rarest elements in the continental crust. Due to the already described (thermal and catalytic) properties of rhenium, it is an important component of heat-resistant materials, super alloys and catalysts.

Rhenium was from Masataka Ogawa discovered and named after Walter Noddack.

  • Special properties:Highest boiling point of all metals.

  • Application areas:Industry, jewelry industry, central banks, investors

  • Future Technologies:Jet engines and gas turbines, space exploration, use in electrical contacts, switches and other electronic components, X-ray tubes and other medical imaging equipment, catalyst in a variety of industrial processes

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