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One of the most recently discovered elements.

Hafnium was one of the last elements to be discovered in 1923. Due to its technical properties, it is used in a number of high-tech applications. The use in nuclear reactors in the course of the decarbonization of global power generation and, above all, the rapidly growing semiconductor technology as well as the significantly increasing demand for hafnium for aircraft turbines should lead to a steady increase in demand in the coming years.

Hafnium was from Dirk Coster discovered.

  • Special properties:High melting and boiling point, high corrosion resistance, high dielectric constant, non-toxic and biocompatible, low thermal neutron capture cross section

  • Application areas:Aerospace, nuclear industry, high-efficiency lightning protection, modern semiconductors, computer chips, lasers

  • Future Technologies:Nuclear reactor control rods, energy efficient transistors, catalysts for a range of chemical reactions, optical coatings

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