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Technology metals and rare earths

No young person is left without a smartphone, no pensioner without a computer, no new car without LEDs, no living room without a flat-screen TV. In no other time has life changed as quickly as it has today. Technology metals and rare earths, without which all these high-tech products would not exist, have played a significant role in this.

Rising demand

You don't have to be a prophet to conclude from the rapid technological progress that demand will grow strongly. Especially as there is a great backlog demand in many countries: a steadily increasing world population and the transformation of many emerging economies into prosperous industrialised countries will have an additional impact on the demand for these sought-after raw materials.

Critical resources

Technology metals and rare earths are becoming scarce. The reason for this is, on the one hand, their extreme rarity and, on the other, the unequal global distribution of raw materials. Mining is often concentrated in a few countries. China alone accounts for up to 80% of the technology metals and over 90% of the rare earths mined. In addition, the Middle Kingdom has built up strategic reserves of raw materials. This further tightens the supply. For this reason, recycling measures are already making important contributions to the adequate supply of some raw materials to the markets.

benefits AT A GLANCE

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  • Wealth accumulation and protection; maximum flexibility
  • Favourable market prices through purchasing advantages
  • No fixed term or contract
  • Storage in high-security vaults
  • No set-up fee/no premium


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